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The activity groups or so called "Clubs" are aiming to make possible practicing and socializing of our students.

The members of students’ clubs can develope interpersonal relationships and built leadership skills. Students can choose any club according to their interests and can use the experience gained in their future professional life.

In our university student’s clubs are constructed on academic bases. All clubs are started with the permition and supervision of a member of the academic staff.

The University offers a variety of clubs and organizations that meet everyone’s interest.

The Mission of the Students Clubs

At Epoka University, student clubs aim to create a lively campus community where students can explore interests, build leadership skills, and form lasting connections. With a range of clubs covering academics, culture, and more, students have opportunities to participate in events and workshops that complement their studies. These clubs promote creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity, preparing students for success both academically and personally while encouraging a sense of belonging on campus.
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